Enjoying your Asian Massage

2013-07-24 10:54:08

If your looking to book your Asian Massage with us then you should think about what kind of massage you are after. There are numeorus types of massage availible and without the right knowledge you may end up choosing the wrong massage meaning that any pains could possibly be made worse. Massage tecniques are divided into many different sub-catagories. There are massage tecniques for posture, Tecniques for skull and spinal pain and Deep tissue massage tecniques that help to sooth muscular pains. Whether your looking for a quick 1 hour session that will help to ease pain or your looking to book a series of massage dates we can provide it for you hear at Asian Wonder Girls.

At Asian Wonder Girls we also provide extra massage packages which provide happy endings to tantric and sensual massage packages. Book your chosen girl for all types off massage. If you don't know what type of massage you are after then heres a list of the types of massage we provide and what each massage means.

Swedish Massage.

Swedish Massage is provided to people who are looking for an all round massage that doesn't focus on any specific part of the body. The tecnique uses soothing and tapping tecniques to relieve muscle tension and loosen sore joints. The classic chopping tecnique that many people associate with massage is also used in this tecnique and is designed to just loosen up the joints slightly. Petrissage is also used to great effect in this tecnique. This is where the muscles are grabbed and lifted slightly to create a lossend and free feeling.

Sports Massage

The Sports Massage is a tecnique used maninly in sport to provide plenty of stretching to the muscles after prolonged use. Simerlar to that of the Swedish Massage this tecnique uses chopping and rubbing tecniques to provide a limber and soft muscular massage. Many people who have trouble with trapped nerves and muscular pain will be reffered for this kind of masssage by there doctor as its tecniques help to relieve pain and loosen nerves to the point where they can no longer be trapped or strained. 

Craniosacral Massage

This Massage tecnique provides relief to the skull and spine. Its can help with body posture and when applied to the skull can help people with serious headaches. Massageing the skull is also a very sexual and enjoyable experience. Many people will have this tecnique to sooth the body and enjoy a tingling feeling. 

No matter what experience you are loooking for Asian Wonder Girls can provide it for you. Just book your girl and ask our team for the best selection of massage packages. 

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